[Cosmic Boogie Man] is the CD that will stand out in your collection of music and that you will always find stimulating. 2loose is a creative artist that thinks outside the box and delivers with style. A must have... - Producer of Anvil Records

Fugues of funk; Etudes of 2loose. “Tall Dolls” his 4th CD finds 2loose in his own synthetic heaven. Buzzgoth, his latest musical invention, combines dark, gothic moods with distorted synth hooks. This unlikely combination of styles just as easily shares the dance floor with the Gagas and the Pinks of the club scene as it blasts the harder arenas of strutting rock gods like Muse or Nine Inch Nails. Roam the halls of Hades in his “Devils in the Details.” Or get out your dancing platforms for “Club Nouveau,” where Buzzgoth and retro-rock merge in a dance lick that can only be described as homage to late 80s trash-pop. Noteworthy is the definitive “Slap That Goth” inspired by the phrase, “Slap me on the ass and call me Goth,” a quote often tweeted by dedicated fans. The title cut, “March of the Tall Dolls” is a stomp thru vintage, hard rock, bass licks and screaming distorted organs, styled after the likes of early Grand Funk Railroad and Yes. To sum it up I quote MJ Carrasquillo from Rockn-the-Mic fame, “Is this your new sh*t? Whoaa.” My thoughts exactly.

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got a new-ish version of Mausoleum, check it out.  You can stream or download, your choice, leave a comment if you like

happy fall!! 

got to get going on some new jams, wish me luck, been such a nice summer I've gotten out of the songwriting mode


Go to my soundcloud.com page for new demos I'm working on.  Just look up 2loose in there.  Enjoy!!

Hollywood Whore 

This song has been my cash cow (sorta) ever since a 'certain band' coincidentally came up with their own song 2 years after mine came out, and their song was also called 'Hollywood Whore" though it sounds competely different.  Mine is better of course and their message was stupid vs the message of my song which is that Hollywood iteself is like the whore of babylon and will selll out for a buck in any possible way, anyway I'm reinventing this song to see if I can get some traction.....