A genre of music which combines tribal drum grooves vibrating to deep synthetic frequencies. Roots of Buzzgoth, or bUzzgoerthe, from early Gaelic, date back as far as the middle ages when hairy pre-Nordic warriors thumped their chests wildly to attract blonde, bearded same-sex mates. This Buzz-arrre mating dance appears again later in etchings depicting occult tree worship where witches, under the Buzzgoth spell, convulsed uncontrollably and threw themselves upon sacred trees against their will. In this century Buzzgoth has come into its own as a fringe hybrid musical style, an eclectic mix of dark wave, dance and 70s hard rock.

I think everyone should buy this CD,
[Cosmic Boogie Man] if only based
on the line from Einar Slime, "In
his lyrics one wonders to what extent
these teen-angst masturbatory yearnings
are autobiographical" That's enough to
make me want to hear every word of this
CD--- Wild! You can always depend on
2loose to shock you with his lyrics, but
that can only carry him so far--- what
carries him through is how he pulls it
all together. This CD is a true classic!
          -Judith Nelson Moe