2loose is THE most original artist I've ever experienced. As brilliant commentary on pop culture, 2loose's music is intelligent and delivered with such deliberate reckless abandon a listener has no choice but to surrender to the sheer exhilaration of "tongue in cheek" entertainment. With 2loose, let's observe the seedier side of life with 20/20 vision and smirk.

-Robin Lukas (singer/songwriter/piano player)

Mausoleum - 2loose Buzzgoth

My latest video: Dream in a Dream


"So I'll Say Goodbye" is a kind of love song. It starts with a catchy drum beat and the arpeggio of a piano, as if someone is practicing scales in the halls of their memory. The orchestration is irresistible. The lyrics begin: "This is not our first goodbye/ The gates are shut. The whistle blows." In the lovely music video, we see images of Chicago fly past us wistfully...stores, pedestrians, street signs. This is as creamy and as dreamily romantic as buzzgoth punk music gets. 2loose talk/sings this lament of ending love with gravitas and just the right attitude. "I dreamed we danced across the stars/ The music took us very far." It's a more vulnerable side of 2loose than I've heard in the past. I like it. The music took me very far also.

-- Dwight Okita, author of The Prospect of My Arrival